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Dirt Bike Pocket Quad Motorsports

Posted by FaniDouvri , in Sports 01/08/2012 · 496 views

Many children and adolescents are attracted to sports. Quad, dirt bike, buggy ... these vehicles are usually associated with leisure and driving on private land and dirt road. To do its choice, better yet know the peculiarities of each of these devices, to better enjoy it. The quad Firstly, note that under the relatively generic term quad, in truth it contains different types and models to all halfway between the motocross and buggy.

Indeed, this vehicle has four wheels but is equipped with handlebars. It actually provides sensations quite unique, which will equally appeal to fans of two-wheelers used as go-karts and other vehicles with four wheels. These include, to start with the smaller, pocket quad or mini quad, which is actually a quad intended only for children that is ideal for children between 7 and 11 years, depending of course on size, weight and their vehicle control.

Next is the Quad 110 cc, available in medium frame or chassis XL, which will be perfect for a teenager already used to a smaller displacement. For over 16 years and adults with little experience, we can aim for a 125 cc with a clutch semi automatic or manual. Finally, there are quads for the road, which will make the happiness of those seeking a truly versatile vehicle, both for leisure and for everyday. The dirt bike motocross This is not homologated for road travel, which can have fun on dirt roads . Very affordable, dirt bikes are a delight for daredevil teens. Available with an automatic transmission or manual, the dirt bike sure to thrill, and demand course, just like any other motorsport, adequate protection. There are small cars (often small) that enable more young people to learn and enjoy the pleasures of this extreme sport without endangering themselves.

The buggy The buggy is really fun, and probably less physical the quad or the bike. There are small models for children 50 cc or 125 cc, which will introduce them to the joys of driving on dirt road safely. For adults, there are of course much more powerful buggies, some even are approved for the road to a pleasant change. Finally, whatever your choice, know that security is required with all motor sports. Never let a child drive a vehicle unattended, and always sure to be protected (e) by a good quality headset, and possibly gloves, elbow and knee guards, or even the spine. Make sure you always tell children the risks they face if they do not meet safety regulations.

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