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Sports and gym: The role of the instructor

Posted by FaniDouvri , in Sports 03/08/2012 · 384 views

Since it must lead a group of individuals whose age varies between 20 and 40 years and from different backgrounds, the chief instructor must often be a psychologist. All the more so since the early 70s, the rules have changed and now the players have more say. The Chief Instructor has its hands tied. Player contracts sometimes include covenants not to trade and wages are higher than his. This is not likely to facilitate its work.

Moreover, it often happens these days that players come complete their apprenticeship at major while over, or reservists if you prefer, was diluted by the expansion of executive baseball . So, the chief instructor is not as free to act as before when he could threaten to send players to the minors at AAA to motivate them. Besides with all the media and the new social media, the head coach should talk about how not to politicize them frustrated.

If the majority of veterans is often insensitive to criticism or a hug, recruits or some less mature players do not all react the same way. It is therefore the chief instructor to discover how he should address each of his players. Some are easier than others and the coach must strike a balance.

In short, in another vein, the players are now master of their destiny and success. The role of head coach, is now much more, be a psychologist coach.

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