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Due to a corruption scandal, the mayor of Quebec City third resigns in turn

Posted by Eleni Maria , in News 09/11/2012 · 156 views

Due to a corruption scandal, the mayor of Quebec City third resigns in turn

The mayor of Laval, Quebec's third largest city, announced his resignation Friday, November 9 after twenty-three years at the helm of this suburb of Montreal, becoming, in a week, the second aedile to throw in the towel due to a corruption scandal that has rocked the French-speaking province.

Gilles Vaillancourt, 72, has undergone three month search conducted as part of an extensive survey on rigging of bids that would involve construction contractors, the Italian mafia and local politicians. No formal charges have however yet been brought against him.

Back from his duties since the end of October, ostensibly for medical reasons, the mayor of this city of 400,000 inhabitants told a press briefing that he had "decided (to) withdraw permanently from the political life. " His withdrawal comes four days after the Gérald Tremblay, who led Montreal since 2001, Canada's second largest city. Mr. Smith had been accused by a former executive of his party in the illegal financing of training.

"We are currently experiencing difficult times, painful," said Mr. Vaillancourt, saying "deeply hurt" by the "claims" that, "without being proven irretrievably alter the reputation" of elected officials. Mr. Vaillancourt, who left politics, is believed to have touched many pots of wine for his alleged role in the awarding of public contracts in the city.

Thursday again, the Quebec press published the revelations of entrepreneurs who said it had sent in the past envelopes of thousands of dollars for the "annual rating" he demanded. This resignation, like Mr. Tremblay is a direct consequence of damning revelations made by witnesses at a public inquiry which focuses on corruption in the awarding of public contracts in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec.

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